Sunday, February 27

Wake me up before you GO GO

We are excited that Neutrogs GOGO juice has just arrived. This stuff is so cool and it really works.
GOGO Juice is teeming with beneficial microbiology and is essentially a
 pro-biotic for your soil and plants.
It feeds your plants with organic goodness and provides your soil with beneficial bacteria that assist in breaking down your soil to maximise the nutrients availble to your plants.

Image via Neutrog

Thursday, February 24

Image Via Sanctuary

Get in the Garden

Admire the garden..
 Have a tea party...
 Grow some veggies...
Pick your favourite flowers.

This weekend spend some time in the garden...It's good for you!!

Images via Sanctuary

Sweet Scents

My two lovely frangipani trees did not flower this year :( . I miss the lovely scent that comes with them. I beleive it is the inconsistant weather we have had. Well instead I will have to admire this magnificent dark pink frangipani that I spotted in Bali recently.

Thursday, February 17

Dramatic Dahlias

Our dahlias have arrived. Dahlias will add colour to your garden from Summer through to Autumn.
From $3.50 ea.

Image via Serenity Nursery

Tuesday, February 15

Summa Daze

Enjoy the outdoors by creating a cosy nook outside.
 A Carpenter would come in handy for this project!! :)
Image via Kreative Kottage

Monday, February 14

Loving Pink and Blue

Bring colour into the garden with printed fabric cushions and place around rustic furniture.

Plant potted colour in old iron wash tubs or any quirky container found at op-shops or garage sales.

Image via FryDog

Hello Petunias

Gardening doesn't have to be serious.

Image via Sweet Memories

Thursday, February 10

Wild Ducks

 Hand Carved from teak wood these cuties look fab in the garden ..grab one quick before they
 all waddle out.

Image via Serenity Nursery

Pick and Eat

Grow Gorgeous Lettuce
Grow leaf variety lettuces during Summer rather than head forming types. Picking the outer leaves shocks the lettuce into thinking is not big enough to go to seed. These types of lettuce are called "Pick and Eat". Pick and Eat varieties allow you to pick just the amount you need in your salad or sandwich and keeps the rest fresh on the plant.

Image via Serenity Nursery

Glamour Garden

I had fun photographing these quirky tin stilettos in our garden centre today.

Image via Serenity nursery

Sunday, February 6


Now this would make the neighbours green with envy.

Fly be free

Turn your computer off and go outside...

Pretty in Pink.

Hydrangeas are easy to grow in a shady spot in the garden or in a well lit patio or veranda.
They flower mainly through Spring and Summer and are a popular cut flower.

Bloom'n Good

I'm excited about Roses! The endless array of colours,
the amazing old world fragrances..and all the frills..
I'm looking forward for them arriving into the nursery this winter.

Image via Strikes Our fancy

Saturday, February 5

Think Roses

It's time to start thinking about what roses you might like to plant in the garden this winter.
Maybe you could devote a garden bed or fence line to some roses. Think about grouping roses in similar colours like pinks, apricots and corals or colour blocking with one single colour. We have a block of about thirty yellow "Gold Bunny's" and it looks fab.

What' Happening in My Garden

Carex ( the fine brown grass) and dianella grasses are doing well in the dry heat.

Unusual Black Agapanthus are flowering.

The Kalamata Olive tree in the backyard is fruiting.

My eggplants are flowering and the white pearl eggplants are fruiting so we will be enjoyingg our favourite chicken and eggplant curry very soon.

Happy Gardening!

Images via Serenity Nursery

Green Bathroom

I found these rustic pots at Serenity ( of course) and have placed some succulents in them to add a lttle greenery to my bathroom.

Friday, February 4

Bring the outdoors in

 There are many benefits of having plants indoors. They help oxygenate the air, they look much better than fake plants and they make you feel good.

Tuesday, February 1

Living Colour!

Take inspiration from this alleyway in Italy. Try this at home by gathering miss-matched pots and wall baskets and filling them with flowering plants. Think Hydrangeas, dwarf bougainvilleas and geraniums for upright growth and blue lobelia and trailing petunias for hanging baskets.

image via piccasso without painings & ysvoice