Sunday, June 12

Romantic Climbing Roses

We love the way climbing roses look so romantic over archways. Our favourite climbing rose is Pierre de Ronsard (we named our dog after this rose!!). It has multi-cupped pink and cream large flowers that arch down making it suitable for a archway or trellis.

Climbing Roses available now: Red, white and pink Pierre de Ronsard, Black boy, Peace, Mr. lincoln, Bloomfield courage.

Ask in store about our thornless climbing rose "Splendour".

Wednesday, June 8

She's Apples

Apples not just for eating. Bucket loads of crisp, juicy apples to tantalise your taste buds.

It's so easy to grow your own apples.

Come in to see our yummy range of apple trees including;

Golden Delicious

Granny Smith


Lady William

Pink Lady

Red Delicious

Red Fuji


Royal Gala

Best Flowering Tree

Pictured: Crepe Myrtle 'Tuscarora'

Crepe Myrtles or Largerstroemia are one of the best flowering trees around. Our Crepe Myrtles are from the Indian Summer range. These quality trees are mildew resistant. The flowers and bark are highly ornamental making them ideal for driveways or single planting.

Tuesday, June 7

Winter Warmers

-Village Print Gumboots $39.98

-Lots of trendy food and drink flasks

-Gorgeous New Seasons Scarfes from $10.99
-Beautiful Gift and homewares (at great prices) arriving daily.

See you soon


Gorgeous garden settings

Create a gorgeous garden setting outdoors with pretty things sourced from around your home. Playing cards, cutlery and teacups strung up in a tree create a pretty mobile. A bright pink tulle bow make a lovely chair tie back and add a hit of colour against the stark white setting.

Flowering annuals cascade from the draws of this pastle painted cupboard. Set amongst the rambling garden is a scence of irony.

A cluster of vintage plates on an outdoor wall creates homelyness to an exterior.

Incredible Edibles

It's time to plant your winter vegetables. Growing tasty home grown veg tables is easy. Choose a sunny position in your garden. Prepare a patch with lots of organic matter such as cow manure or Plants Plus Groganic. If you don't have space for a vegie patch grow your vegetables in a container. Think outside the square plant in an old wash tub, a recycled foam box or wooden box. Water your seedlings in with a seaweed solution such as Liquid Gold Kelp this will help the plant settle and take root.

What do I plant in winter? Carrots, cabbages, beetroot, cauliflower, broccoli, rhubarb, asparagus, spinach, garlic, potatoes & Tuscan Kale.

Come in and see our exciting range of incredible edibles!!