Saturday, July 30

It's in your Hands

Planet Arks National Tree planting day will be held 31 July this year

( that's tomorrow!!)

...The environment is in your hands, help the planet and plant a tree.

We can offer great advice on the most appropriate trees for your garden. We also stock a large range of mulches, pavers, pots and sculptures to help create a stunning landscape in your own private oasis.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunny weather xx

Image Alice lost in wonder

Friday, July 22

Lots a Lemons!

The lemons that grow in Positano are gigantic and sweet smelling. They are apparently very labour intensive to grow but have lots of healthy properties including vitamin c.

Image via Serenity Nursery

Plant Sales in Florence

I found this little plant market in Florence quiet bazaar. It was set in the city centre near a train station. The plants where mostly plants suited to pots, perfect for those with no gardens.

Image via Serenity Nursery

Thursday, July 21

Dried purple flowers

Flower sales on the side of the road in Italy. I'm not entirely sure what these flowers are. I think they are dried sunflowers? Any ideas?

Social Climbers

Chinese star jasmine frame the Tuscan doorway divinely.

Rosy red climbing Roses reach for the Tuscan Sun.

Lovely Climbing Roses cover a pergola, which is surrounded by Rosemary.

Chinese star Jasmine is a wonderful climber. Its a good one for growing over a front veranda. From afar it is a mass of white and the star-shaped flowers are intriguing up close.


Magenta Bougainvilleas grow everywhere over Italy.

Magnificent Magnolias

The evergreen magnolias in Italy were truly stunning. They have a conical shape and tower about 6-7 meters tall. The creamy white flowers are gigantic and fragrant.

We stock a similar range of magnolias that are dwarf forms of the original. They still have the large fragrant bloom but will only grow to about 2.5-3m tall. Evergreen magnolias make a great screen or single specimen.

Images via Serenity Nursery

Monday, July 18

Hello Hydrangeas

I wish I could grow hydrangeas like this! The ones in Italy grow so well and have the biggest flower heads I have ever seen. While in Positano we spotted this standard hydrangea in a pot. Wow!

Images via Serenity Nursery

Italian Garden Inspiration

The ivy planted in the Italian planter is a simple idea that looks great.

Little weathered pots in a row make an interesting display.

I love the way they have wrapped the topiary pots in hessian, it compliments the timber door.

I found these aged half wine barrels painted white at an antique fair. I loved them but they wouldn't fit in my suitcase. I will have to paint my own barrels white for my own garden one day and plant some conifer topiaries in them.

Images via Serenity Nursery

Sunday, July 17

Sweet Tuscan Fruit

On our Tuscan travels we discovered a little fruit and veg stall on the side of the road. We ate some nectarines and I would have to say they were the tastiest and sweetest I have ever tried. The shop owner cut us each a large piece of watermelon which was super juicy. It was lovely to escape our Aussie winter for a summer get away.. all the seasonal fruit and veg were such a delight and has inspired us to continue to grow our own at home.

images via Serenity Nursery

Fruit and Vegtables the Italian way.

The seasonal fruit and veg. throughout Italy taste great. They are most likely ripened on the vine or tree making them naturally sweeter and more flavoursome.

Useful large leafed basil plants grow in a Tuscan village. Colourful geraniums add colour to the potted display.

A small sunny patch makes a great little spot to grow tomatoes.

Images via Serenity Nursery