Friday, December 30





 Wishing you  Peace, Good health, happiness, and all you wish for in 2012.
...and hopefully some time spent in the garden.

Thanks for stopping by at Serenity Nursery's Blog this year.
Stayed tuned in 2012!!

Monday, December 26

Friday, December 23

Ho Ho Ohh!

It's time for me to go.

Christmas Eve tomorrow.

Hope to see you at the nursery for a last minute "Unique" gift idea.

Merry Christmas.


Sunday, December 18

The Best of Christmas...

Watching a movie with a Christmas theme to get you in the mode.

 Giving to those in need and to your loved ones.

 Putting up Christmas lights and decorating the garden ready for guests.

Buying or making special decorations for your Christmas tree

Christmas Partys and catching up with family and friends.

Baking yummy treats. Ginger bread buscuits are always our family favourite.

Leaving Milk and Cookies out for Santa and being too excited to sleep.

Putting up the Christmas tree and seeing the lights go on for the first time.

Sunday, December 11

...and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Well, I finally got my Christmas Tree up. It's not a traditional tree, in fact it took me just a few minutes to put together. I bought two really large glass bottles from a garage sale a while back, just because I liked them. So one one them has been used to hold a big olive tree branch that i cut from the tree in my back yard...

 We have so many divine Christmas decorations in our gift shop at the moment  and I choose these cute feather birds to sit in the tree.

I have been personalising a few gifts with an alphabet stamp set. Brown craft paper looks great with a crisp white bow.

Pine Cones that I found in the neighbourhood add a festive touch.

My timber table has adjustable drop down sides, well I pulled them up and placed gifts underneath..perfect.

Enjoy your Christmas Preparations

Tuesday, December 6

It's all about Teak at serenity Nursery

 A new shipment of unique garden art has arrived into the nursery. I adore these over sized teak ball sculptures- They remind me of something Brendon Moore would put in his garden designs.

Our teak comes from a sustainable source and is ideal for outdoor use. The dove cotes are available in white too.

As you drive in to the garden centre you will be greeted by Life-size horses made from teak wood chips. 

Classy planter boxes. Ideal for a front entrance.

Quirky mushroom sculptures to add a touch of fantasy to your garden.

Friday, December 2

Deck the Halls

...Just a little inspiration for decorating your house this Christmas.

 Have you popped into Serenity Nursery and seen all of our divine Christmas decorations?
This year the gift shop looks like a winter wonder land with white cane stars, glistening decorative birds, cute cut out angels and so much more.
See you in the nursery soon.

Thursday, December 1

This weekend C.I.Y Projects

C.I. Y ( Create it Yourself) Project 1-
 Find an old bike in a junk shop or garage sale and plant the basket up with cascading petunias and small cottage plants.Use a coconut fibre liner to help hold soil and moisture. Sit the bike in the garden, for a touch of quirkiness.

C.I Y project 2- Do you have any old boots laying around?
 Maybe some old Dr. Martins?
 Fill them up with a quality potting mix and plant succulents or nasturtiums in them.
 The more weathered and aged the boots get, the better they look.

Images via Only Cutes