Tuesday, March 27

Choose your favourite...

 Choose from our delectable range of fragranced candles.
Our all time favourite fragrance is the bright green Nashi Pear and Cucumber because it is so refreshing.
The new Tangarine Blossom & Lychee is amazing too and the bright orange hue is perfect for Autumn/ Winter. We also have matching fragrant room difusers to pair with your fave candles.

Our little birdy tealight holders are an adorable little gift.

Images via shadows candles

Monday, March 26


What's inside: Stone candle holders, brass urns and a mirror vase.

Love Love Love our floral stone pots and heart hangers (over mirror)

I love to see our customers peep inside our little stone feed shed.
 We change the display all the time and this week Jen has teamed over-sized
 magnolia paintings with all things glitz.

I wander what the next themed display will be?

Photos by Krystal


Micheal Keelan and Mum in the pavillion.

Me with the camera man doing my little segment.

We are excited and humbled to have had a visit from Chanel 7 television crew this month.
South Australian gardening guru Micheal Keelan and the team from televising series SA Life spent a half a day interviewing us and filming all of our unique garden wares.

We were overwhelmed with happiness when we received a call from Micheal on the Friday and they were here filming the following Tuesday. It was a fun experience for our staff and family who each took a turn talking about the garden centre.

I will let you know when it's going to air.

Sunday, March 25

Our little feed shed.

One of the things that makes are garden centre unique is our old stone feed shed.
 It was built in the early 1900's and once
 housed the grains and hay for the horses and pigs
 that once live on the property.
Today we use the feed shed to display our garden gifts and plants.
Top: our Courtney's Tub is planted with an ivy hoop and trailing geraniums.
 A second hand chair that we have planted with succulents sits by the doorway.
Middle: French style cushions and wall art adorn our little feed shed.
Bottom: It's a great time to plant lavender.
 There are lots of autumn/ winter  flowering varieties in store now.

Photos by Krystal

Zen Zone V's kitsch

Have you seen our GIANT water lettuce?
They are AMAZING.
They look great floating in earthy
 or glazed water bowls.
 It's so easy to grow them just drop them in the water
 and they will multiply
 by growing little pups on the side.
( our zenned out Buddha's are cool too)

Have fun
 in your garden
with our kitsch pink flamingos
 and giant flower wall hangings.

Photos by Krystal

More Moroccan finds...

Pop in store to see our heavenly hand- embrodied Moroccan pouffes.
This collection
 has just
 arrived and includes
 floor cushions and roll pillows.

 Pressed metal Indian plates and Indonesian urns
 are the perfect contrast
 to these soft furnishings.

photos by Krystal

Yucca Flowers & Gargoyles

I am in awe
 of the wonderful yucca flowers
 that I have seen popping up
 all over town this Autumn.
I discovered these ones today while wandering
 around the garden centre.
 Our hand-made
 lantern is spot on
 next to the

I pieced together this little display
 for the garden centre today.
I've used Dad's hand-made
 old finish gargoyles.
 A suar stool made from teak,
 stone steppers
 striking canna plants for a rustic/gothic look.

Photos by Krystal

Tuesday, March 20

Autumn Ideas.

Plant annuals now for winter colour. It's the perfect time as the soil is still warm. Try pansies, violas and snap dragons.

Go for warm colours in the garden this autumn to create a sense of warmth

Autumn is the perfect time to rejuvenate your garden to prepare it for Spring. Prune hedges now to keep them compact before new growth. Pick up fallen leaves and compost regulary. Mulch well to encourage healthy soil and to keep your plant roots warm through the cooler months.


I't's a great time to grow stone fruit, citrus and lots of edible varieties.

Spend these lovely days outdoors admiring the warm autumn tones.

wheelbarrow image by Andrew Lehmann

Saturday, March 17

All About Pots.

Garden club members discover the ins and outs about our pots. 

This week we were visited by the Murray Bridge Garden Club. Our team talked to them about pots for gardens and Patios. Our presentation included what pots are made from, water wise pots, plants for pots and how to create beautiful pot displays.
I spoke about "Pots to beautify your garden" and I was asked by some garden club members to post some of the images from my presentation on this blog...so here they are...

These graceful armeria team perfectly with the purple pot.

Stark white flowers look great in vivid glazed pots. Try white pansies or lobelia.

A red pot was chosen to highlight the red new growth of this abelia .

The orange flowers vibrate against this blue pot. Under planting creates a dramatic effect.

Form over flower. Choose non-flowering plants for striking foliage, texture and shape.

Place your potted plants on a pedistal to add height and highlight floral displays

Sunday, March 11


Don't you just love the sunny days we have had lately. It has been the best time to potter around the garden and determine what needs to go, what stays and what new plants to bring in...
... It's just beautiful to dwindle the day away in your own garden oasis.

images via Pretty Stuff

Sunday, March 4


Bring the fun indoors with brightly hued ceramics.
Give white furniture a lick of paint in your favourite bright colour.

Artwork by Krystal James

lanterns and birdcages in cool aqua for outside on in.

Throughout or recent trips to China and Sydney whilst looking  for new home and garden ware we couldn't help but notice a vibrant trend of bright hues such as aqua, orange, pink and yellow.
Our favourite colour combo is Turquoise and Tangerine. This colour combo will add zing to any natural space.

Thursday, March 1

Cheeki SALE

We are making room for new gift ware so we are taking
30% Off* Cheeki Stainless Steel drink bottles.
BPA FREE makes them safe to take outdoors or in the car.
* See instore for details