Saturday, July 28

Time to Grow!

It's National Tree Day

How proud we are to be in an industry that supports the environment. Every tree, plant and shrub  that is planted helps clean the air, create habitats for wildlife, and soften and shade our environment.

Today is Planet Arks National Tree Day. It's a great reminder to plant a tree or two in your back yard. Winter is an ideal time to plant trees especially deciduous trees like pyrus, elms & prunus. These trees are available now in the garden centre. One of the main benefits of a deciduous tree is that they loose there leaves in winter allowing the sun into your house or entertainment area. During the warmer months they re-grow their leaves to shade your house making them an economical investment.

There are so many native trees available too and it doesn't have to be a gum tree there are some speccy native trees these days with vibrant purple foliage such as agonis 'After Dark' or weeping lime green foliage Acacia "Lime Light". What ever tree you choose to plant make sure care is taken when planting it. Soil preparation and adequate water is important to help establish your tree.

Sunday, July 15

Amazing Style Issue!

Wow! Our Teak Deer Head wall mount is featured in this months (August 2012) Real Living magazine- The amazing style issue!

Editor Deborah Bibby featured it in The Editors letter and said "The timber deer head is another classic and this piece is more affordable; in fact, it's a bargain buy! ( I hope that our finance whiz Mark Bouris is not reading this or I'm in trouble.)

Thanks Deborah. We love it when people see value in our items and their originality. We are Very happy and humbled to see one of our products in your magazine. xx

Tuesday, July 10

So Tweet

A couple of things in our home wares shop that I am loving right now are the rhinestone swallow wall art and woolen throw blanket with Love/ birds design...Divine!

Fave Finds...

A few of my favorite things to come into the garden center this week.

1. Flower wall art in soft muted turquoise and brown
2. Aqua Decorative bird cages.
3.Our terracotta garden stools that Mum and Dad found on their China buying trip. They make a useful item to have in the house or garden.
Also available in black and red.

Tuesday, July 3

Heavenly Perfume

Chinese star jasmine is one of my favourite climbing plants. From November to February it produces star-like flowers with a wonderful Jasmine scent. It's an evergreen climber so it's a good one for covering ugly fences . It looks spectacular trailing the edge of a veranda or archways and will flower in shade or sun.
Below - Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose is another spectacular climber with large showy flowers.