Tuesday, August 19

Vertical Gardening- Simple DIY

Vertical gardens are a great way to use spaces your garden that are sometime not utilised to their full potential. We have selected a mix of annual plants including polyanthus and silver dust but you could create an edible upright garden by choosing herbs and vegetables. Look out for tumbling tomatoes for a cascade effect.

 We have used breathable felt eco gardens for this project availble from Serenity Nursery.

I removed the plants from their cells and teased the root ball. I placed them in the pockets making sure different colours and textures were alternated. I used a good premium potting mix by Plants Plus called Terracotta & Tub. This potting mix contains a slow release fertiliser and wetting agent which prevents the soil drying too quickly. I carefully pushed the soil around the plants and watered in well with a seaweed tonic.

The vertical garden all planted up and displayed on the old stone feed shed in the nursery.